Horizons of Thought

Introduction of Journal Horizons of Thought is a semi-annual academic journal of Islamic thoughts, Islamic teachings, and Islamic studies by a major emphasis on Islamic humanities. The issues and subjects dealt with in this journal are as follow: 1) Philosophy of religion from the view point of Islam 2) Philosophy of science from the view point of Islam 3) The history of Islamic thought from the doctrinal, social, legal, political, and economic aspects. 4) Critical analysis of western attitude towards Islam and Islamic studies 5) The foundations and principles of the humanities from the Islamic perspective, including: fundamental, theological, ontological, epistemological, anthropological, axiological, scientific, ecological, sociological, ethnological, psychological and educational foundations and principles 6) Islamizing the humanities, including: psychology, education, economy, management, sociology, law, politics, culture and civilization 7) Critical analysis of current prominent schools of thought in each areas of the humanities 8) Conducting comparative researches on the above-mentioned areas from the aspects of the knowledge of subject, the knowledge of issue, teleology and methodology as well as precise scientific analysis of the results of studies and researches.