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Parto Sokhan Weekly Paper

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Islamic Culture and Doctrine Virtual University
The Office is headed by the Institute’s President, Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdi, himself and is entrusted with two primary missions: (1) identifying and making contact with individuals, institutions, and organizations throughout the country that are driven by an overriding commitment to Islamic ideals, thus forming a comprehensive network; and (2) providing ideological and intellectual support to this network...

Islamic Culture and Doctrine Virtual University

The Virtual University was inaugurated in 2007 with the aim of disseminating Islamic faith and doctrine among a greater audience and providing a platform for people of all walks of life to become familiar with the true message of Islam. The Virtual University utilizes the internet and mail communication to make distance-learning study courses available to those who may be interested. It is noteworthy to point out that in addition to recruiting students who participate in the National Assessment Exam (kunkÙr), the Virtual University also considers applicants who have not participated in this exam...

Imam Khomeini Institute Press

Publishing the works of the Institute’s faculty and students so that others can benefit from the fruits of their scholarship is the responsibility of the Imam Khomeini Institute Press. It is considered one of Iran’s most esteemed and prolific publishing companies, with 650 published titles and numerous awards for best publishing company. The bookstore affiliated with the publishing company offers more than 7,000 books in the Islamic and human sciences and operates representative branches in most provincial capitals of Iran.

Research Center for the Encyclopedia of the Islamic Rational Sciences

This center was founded with the mission to elucidate the rational principles underlying Islamic doctrine and to exhibit the rich heritage created by Muslim thinkers.
1) Objectives:To accomplish its mission, the Center has defined three main objectives in guiding its activities.
Long-term objective: The long-term objective of the Center is to create an encyclopedia covering the philosophical disciplines developed within the matrix of Islamic tradition that satisfies the internationally recognized standards of encyclopedia composition.
Medium-term objective: The medium-term objective of the Center is to compile dictionaries detailing the terms of the various rational disciplines and subdisciplines and the terms associated with the various schools of Islamic theology as well as dictionaries enumerating the eminent figures of the Islamic philosophical sciences.
Short-term objective: The short-term objective is to prepare the necessary grounds for achieving the medium-term and long-term objectives; that is, conducting preliminary studies, undertaking research projects to determine what needs to be done for the complication of the encyclopedia and the dictionaries, training the researchers needed to carry out these projects, and securing the hardware and software resources necessary for conducting the research projects and compiling the encyclopedia and the dictionaries.

Alumni Association

The Institute’s Alumni Association functions as a means whereby the Institute coordinates its alumni affairs. Its membership includes 1,655 alumni with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. The following is a list of the Association’s objectives:
Keeping in touch with alumni to help them continue their academic and scholarly work;
Functioning as a think-tank advising the Institute on how best to advance and strengthen its academic and cultural credentials;
Arranging for academic and cultural events for its members;
Providing political, cultural, and academic news to its members;
Helping members to better utilize the Institute’s resources and facilities;
Identifying alumni capabilities and potentials and employing them to the benefit of the Institute.